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Event management is the core of who we are and what we do. From our early beginnings in creating new and different events to today where we own and manage a wide variety of sailing races, we love logistics, management and marketing all kinds of events!

The Atlantic Cup

The Atlantic Cup was created by Manuka Sports Event Management to help build a commercially viable sailing race and attract a wider audience for offshore, short-handed racing in the United States.


The Atlantic Cup has demonstrated it is one of the fastest growing sailing properties in the US. In 2012, the Atlantic Cup was also the first carbon neutral sailing race in the United States and it continues to be a leader in demonstrating how to run a successful and environmentally sustainable event.

The Atlantic Cup is an intense, grueling, race for offshore sailors as it tests their abilities to race shorthanded, offshore and inshore. For the fans and sponsors, The Atlantic Cup is changing how they interact with sailing in the United States. Stopping in 3 iconic ports: Charleston, New York City and Portland, The Atlantic Cup allows fans to meet the teams, tour the boats and be part of the festivities.

For the sponsors, The Atlantic Cup is the most heavily media saturated sailing race in the U.S. It provides exclusive hospitality and product launching opportunities and reaches the coveted sailing demographic.


The Atlantic Cup is changing the perception on professional sailing in the U.S. and creating a must follow event on the sailing calendar.


Pineapple Cup - Montego Bay Race

In 2016, Manuka Sports Event Management was hired by the Montego Bay Yacht Club to restore one of the oldest offshore races on the calendar, The Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race, to prominence.


Manuka now oversees all shore side events, marketing, sponsorship and promotion. The Pineapple Cup was started in 1961, making 2022 the 34th edition of the venerable 811 nautical mile race from Miami to Montego Bay.


Immediately after the start, racers cross the Gulf Stream for the Northwest Providence Channel. The middle of the race offers a fetch down the eastern side of the Bahamas Island Chain toward the tip of Cuba. The final stretch is typically a sailor’s dream: a 240-mile downwind sleigh ride from Cuba’s eastern tip, known as the Windward Passage, to the finish at Montego Bay.

2019 Pineapple Cup 02112.JPG

Other Events

Manuka SEM has worked with many other events including:

  • 2019 12-Metre World Championship

  • Narragansett Bay Classic Yacht Rendezvous

  • IYRS Newport Classic Yacht Regatta

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament


The Race Around

The Race Around is the newest event that Manuka SEM is part of along with 5 Oceans Sport Management. The Race Around is a short-handed, classical, multi-staged around the world yacht race starting in the summer of 2023. Run under Category 0, the Race Around is designed to create, in conjunction with Class40, a race that provides fierce racing within a friendly atmosphere at an affordable price point and achievable timeframe.

The race course will feature the three great Capes of ocean navigation and include the challenging Southern Ocean. A start will be given in late September from a French city and followed by a maximum of 5 legs. 

3rd place Dragon.jpg

Race the State

Created and run wholly by Manuka Sports Event Management, Race the State is a multi-sport event that challenges competitors to race across a U.S. state.


The first edition of Race the State took place in 2015 and spanned Rhode Island from the Massachusetts border to the Connecticut border. The course for Race the State Rhode Island, is 53-miles, 5-legs across 10 communities and includes stand up paddling, running, kayaking and cycling. 

Race the State is designed to be expanded into multiple states and rather than a contrived course or a course that is always the same three disciplines, the event utilizes the geography of the state the race takes place in, so no two race courses will ever be the same!

Race the State Master.png

Around Jamestown Record

One of the most popular sailing courses in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island is the circumnavigation of Jamestown (aka Conanicut Island). Each year there are at least 15 different races that follow the course, however until 2012 there was no outright record holder. The Around Jamestown Record annually awards record setters. Manuka sanctions and manages all record attempts. In addition, Manuka is responsible for marketing, sponsorship, PR and the annual prize giving ceremony.

jamestown map logo_1.png
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