• Team 11th Hour Racing

    Team 11th Hour Racing is an athlete sponsorship component of 11th Hour Racing, committed to advancing the environmental practices within the sport of sailing. In 2013, 11th Hour Racing sponsored Hannah Jenner and Rob Windsor in their Transat Jacques Vabre campaign. Jenner and Windsor hired Manuka to brand the team and their campaign after the duo received sponsorship. To achieve the goals of the 2013 Team 11th Hour Racing campaign, Manuka oversaw team media coverage throughout the race and produced press releases, the team website, newsletters, and social media content. 

    After the creation of the Team 11th Hour Racing Website, Manuka created all digital marketing content including newsletters and social media posting via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Manuka enacted the "Cleaner, Better, Faster" campaign for Team 11th Hour Racing to highlight their environmental practices.

    In addition, Manuka communicated with Hannah and Rob throughout the race to provide live content, website updates and press releases. Manuka’s foundational communications campaign was responsible for delivering extensive content tailored to meet the informational needs of the Team 11th Hour Racing’s varied audiences. The result Manuka’s PR strategies and thought environmental campaigns, and digital initiatives, has been the coverage of Team 11th Hour Racing in top-tier national and regional media outlets including CNNSailing WorldSail Magazine, and The Environmental News Network.


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