• Amhas Wins Inaugural Cuba Cup!

    Three boats compete in the first edition of the Cuba Cup, completing the 2017 Western Caribbean Race Series

    "The Cuba Cup is a thrilling addition to the historic Pineapple Cup race, heralding in the start of the new Western Caribbean Race Series which we plan to run and expand on each time we host our legendary race." Montego Bay Yacht Club Commodore, Nigel Knowles.

    Februaru 27, 2017 - Montego Bay, Jamaica - Three boats set off for Havana from Montego Bay last week to compete in the inaugural edition of the Cuba Cup! The Cuba Cup is a new, 611 mile race that makes up the second part of the Western Caribbean Race Series. The race, preceded by the Pineapple Cup, brings competitors from Montego Bay to Havana and east coast ports, giving boats a chance to make a race of the return trip to the U.S.!

    This first edition of the race was run as a "gentleman's race," where competitors started at their own accord and reported their recorded start and finish times to the race officials. Overall results were calculated using a PHRF based formula.

    The virtual start line was at the airport buoy in Montego Bay and virtual finish line off of Key West; competitors could choose to sail either direction around Cuba.

    Amhas (Class40), Dragon (Class40) and White Rhino (Swan 56) battled it out to claim the honor of winning the first Cuba Cup! The three competitors set out on the new course between February 12th (Amhas), 13th (White Rhino) and 16th (Dragon). Despite having different weather windows, all three competitors rounded Cuba to the West. After all entries were submitted and scored, Amhas was declared the winner of the inaugural Cuba Cup!

    Rob Windsor, Amhas, on winning the inaugural Cuba Cup, “I’m ecstatic! It was really fun, not too tough and pretty fast. We were reaching/running after we started all the way to the western corner of Cuba, then we had a tiny little light spot followed by more breeze on the beam for the rest of the way to the finish. From the finish line off Havana, we carried on all the way back to Charleston. The weather was beautiful, it was sunny, we were in shorts all the way. No foul weather gear, nothing! We’ll be back in 2019!”

    Matthew Mullan, White Rhino Captain, "We had a great time doing the inaugural Cuba Cup. Couldn't have asked for better conditions. If you have to bring the boat back to Florida or anywhere in the U.S., why not take this route and make a race out of it? We were hoping for a little more helpful current on the west side of Cuba. I heard the Cayman Islands are an amazing fishing ground and now we now it's true. When White Rhino Racing does the Pineapple Cup again we will definitely be looking forward to participating in the Cuba Cup!"