• 11th Hour Racing Returns as Atlantic Cup Presenting Sponsor

    Manuka Sports Event Management announced the return of 11th Hour Racing as the Presenting Sponsor of the Atlantic Cup. The partnership between 11th Hour Racing and the Atlantic Cup dates back to the original proof of concept race in 2011 and the early days of 11th Hour Racing. Through mutual goals of protecting the environment and showcasing top sail boat racing, a collaborative partnership was born.

    Since that very first, very small race in 2011, the Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing has achieved many sustainability and sailing firsts:

    • First sailing race to ban the bottle (plastic water bottles)
    • First Carbon Neutral Sailing Race
    • First offshore race to require all teams use alternative energy
    • First sailing race in the U.S. to introduce composting at all events
    • First sailing race to create events that speak to climate change
    • First sailing race to implement sustainability into a Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
    • First sailing race to introduce a Kids Program that teaches children about sailing and good environmental stewardship

    Going forward into the next edition of the Atlantic Cup, Manuka is focusing their sustainability marketing on incorporating their fans into doing their part to protect the planet. Not one person or one government or one sailing race can make our warming planet, acidifying oceans, and rising seas reverse course, it will take all of us to do our part and make small changes every day that will over time make a difference.

    In the coming months the Atlantic Cup will be sharing tips and tricks on ways to make small changes in your every day life (check out the water bottle infographic below!).

    AND they'll be encouraging feedback from YOU, what works, what doesn't, what tips and info you have. We'll be using the hashtags #DoYourPart and #WhatsYourDifference to share small changes you can make.