• Manuka SEM Launches New Property Race the State

    Race the State was created over a few beers and a brainstorming session when Hugh and Julianna were visiting New Zealand. After a few years of participating in all kinds of multi-sport races, Hugh and Julianna wanted to create something completely different, in what may be the toughest multi-sport event yet. Living and working in Newport, they saw that Rhode Island offers a multitude of different sports to choose from to create a unique course and so Race the State was born.

    Race the State is the beginning of a new era of multi-sport events that challenges competitors to race across a U.S. state. The event is made up of multiple legs designed to challenge competitors by utilizing the geography of the state the course is held. No two courses will ever be the same and in the coming years, Manuka will be looking to expand across the U.S.

    The first edition of Race the State was August 9, 2015 and was held in Rhode Island. In addition to creating the concept and running race operations, Manuka created all branding, marketing, web development, sponsorship and social media. The Race the State course certainly delivered in year 1 with weather conditions at the upper limits, the competitors had their work cut out for them on the 55-mile course that included 13.5 miles of running, stand up paddling, kayaking and cycling. The top finisher completed the course in 5 hours 2 minutes in 22 seconds. To see the full results click HERE!