• HOOD Sailmakers

    Middletown, Rhode Island-based Hood Sailmakers was founded in 1952 and went on to become the world's most reputable sailmakers for racing, crusing and classic yachts. However, over the past 15-20 years the company fell into a series of setbacks that ultimately forced its sale in June of 2013.  Under new corporate ownership, Hood Sailmakers engaged Manuka SEM to reintroduce the company and brand as one of the most iconic in sailing. The strategic reintroduction of the brand involved the creation of a new website, advertising, and event sponsorship to establish a positive brand image. Manuka's first step was to create a tagline that would resonate with old and new sailors: STILL the most trusted name in sailmaking.

    Manuka works closely with Hood Sailmakers to develop and continuously refine key messages as they re-emerge into the market. Manuka develops storylines that, based on our research and understanding of the customer segments, resonate strongly with Hood Sailmakers’ audiences. Manuka drafts and places print and digital ads, social content and newsletters reflecting these storylines and Hood's consumer’s needs.

    The refreshed brand image have sparked interest in Hood Sailmakers among past and future consumers. In addition to advertising, Manuka's employed a variety of creative event and media relations tactics surrounding major boating events. For example, during the Newport International Boat Show, Manuka recommended Hood sponsor the Cruisers Party, an event surrounding the cruising boat lifestyle.  Hood’s sponsorship of the event was used to engage with potential customers, spread the word about the company and grow our customer database. The sponsorship of this event is just one example of how Hood has used event sponsorship to advertise their reintroduction into the market in a unique way. 

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