Event Management

  • The Atlantic Cup

    The Atlantic Cup was created by Manuka Sports Event Management to help build a commercially viable sailing race and attract a wider audience for offshore, short-handed racing in the United States. In its fifth year, the Atlantic Cup has demonstrated it is one of the fastest growing sailing properties in the US. In 2012, the Atlantic Cup was also the first carbon neutral sailing race in the United States and it continues to be a leader in demonstrating how to run a successful and environmentally sustainable event.

    The Atlantic Cup is an intense, grueling, race for offshore sailors as it tests their abilities to race shorthanded, offshore and inshore. For the fans and sponsors, The Atlantic Cup is changing how they interact with sailing in the United States. Stopping in 3 iconic ports: Charleston, New York City and Newport, The Atlantic Cup allows fans to meet the teams, tour the boats and be part of the festivities.

    For the sponsors, The Atlantic Cup is the most heavily media saturated sailing race in the U.S. It provides exclusive hospitality and product launching opportunities and reaches the coveted sailing demographic. In just the fifth edition of the race, The Atlantic Cup had over 551 million cumulative impressions from 301 print and web articles. As of July 2016, The Atlantic Cup has over 6,500 engaged followers across social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). The Atlantic Cup is changing the perception on professional sailing in the U.S. and creating a must follow event on the sailing calendar.