Event Management

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament

    Pabst Blue Ribbon hired Manuka Sports Event Management to oversee the operations of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament in 2013. Since Manuka became involved, the tournament has expanded from three to seven states and included the addition of two additional divisions: Fluke & Bluefish.

    Manuka oversees all tournament operations, obtains partners for the tournament and provides email, website and social media marketing content. In 2016, Manuka worked with PBR to usher in significant changes for the format of the tournament by shifting it to an entirely catch and release event. Sustainability is something Manuka SEM is passionate about and we work towards implementing better sustainable practices into all our events. By working with Pabst Blue Ribbon, this change has enabled the tournament to be the first tournament in the northeast of this size as wholly catch and release.

    Prior to the tournament start, Manuka organizes and facilitates the PBR Fishing Tournament presence at boat and fishing shows to promote tournament sign ups while working to establish tournament partners who provide a vast array of prizes for the event.  Throughout the tournament, Manuka coordinates with all participating competitors, managing the submissions, prize giving, website and social media updates (Facebook and Twitter) and acts as point of contact for all tournament functions.

    After four years of operating the Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament, Manuka has doubled the number of entrants, introduced 20+ new partners and built a passionate online following on both social media and through direct newsletter marketing.