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Team 11th Hour Racing

Hannah Jenner and Rob Windsor- Team 11th Hour Racing Co-Skippers

Hannah Jenner

Hannah was 8 years old when she first got a taste of sailing a 'big' boat and was struck by just how cool it was.  She had no idea when or even if she would ever get to go sailing again but somehow it was just meant to be.  Within 5 years of qualifying as a sailing instructor she became the only female ever to have circumnavigated the globe as a skipper on the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Having been in charge of a crew of 18 sailing around the world, Hannah wanted to explore short handed sailing and right about that time Class 40's were becoming a big deal.  Having been in the class for two years now and with a 3rd place in the 2011 TJV and the current Class 40 record for the RORC 600 the pressure is on to keep up on the podium. 

Hannah strongly feels that anyone competing at a professional level has a responsibility to demonstrate good practice and for Team 11th Hour Racing that good practice means looking after the oceans that we race on. 

Rob Windsor

Shorthanded sailing is a passion for Rob. He has sailed with some of the best sailors in the world. Take some of those same guys on a distance race, double handed on a Class 40 and it's like it's their first day sailing again. The fact that you need to be an all-around sailor on a Class 40 and not compartmentalized into one little area of expertise makes it super exciting for me.  

Rob believes that we all have a responsibility to future generations to do everything we can to protect the environment. It is important that we work to solve these issues now so that future generations will be able to enjoy the oceans much like Rob has.

In Hannah, Rob has found a sailing partner who has the same drive and desire to win as he does. In the next few months Team 11th Hour Racing will be optimizing and training their boat and themselves to be the best team out there.

Team 11th Hour Racing

Gryphon Solo 2

JOE HARRIS - GryphonSolo2 Skipper

Joe grew up sailing on Long Island Sound, being mentored by his father, Woody Harris and his grandfather Hans Rozendaal, both experienced offshore racing sailors.  "Salt water was in the blood", as they say.   After graduating from Brown University in 1981, Joe spent the next seven years as a boat builder in New England during the winters and commercial fisherman in the summers in Bristol Bay, Alaska.   Joe's first sailboat was a 35' wooden hull sloop designed and built in England called "Corus".  Joe sailed offshore frequently in his twenties-  racing to Bermuda and delivering boats to and from Europe and the Caribbean, before buying a C&C 40 he named "Shiva".  Joe migrated to double-handed sailing aboard Shiva, initially racing with his father, and ultimately sold "Shiva" to purchase the Aerodyne 38 "Gryphon", which he campaigned aggressively.  Joe sailed in numerous Newport-Bermuda, Marblehead-Halifax and Bermuda 1-2 races aboard Gryphon during the five years he owned the boat.   

In 2004 Joe purchased an all-carbon Finot-Conq designed Open 50 that he named "GryphonSolo" with the intent of doing more international racing.   Joe competed in the single-handed Transat race in 2004 from Plymouth, England to Boston, MA, finishing second in a time of 16 days.  In 2005, Joe sailed in the Transat Jacque Vabre race double-handed with Josh Hall from LaHavre, France to Salvador, Brazil, taking first place in the 50' class in 17 days.  In 2006, Joe took first place in the Open Division of the Newport-Bermuda Race and in 2007 took first place overall and set a new course record in the Bermuda 1-2 race.  Joe sold the open 50 in 2009. 

In 2011, Joe purchased an Akilaria RC 2 Class 40 named "GryphonSolo2".  He raced in the Normandy Channel Race with Josh Hall in May 2011 and came seventh.  He then competed in the Rolex Fastnet race in August, but had to retire due to sail damage.    

With 4 trans-Atlantic crossings, 9 Newport-Bermuda races, 5 Marblehead to Halifax races, 5 Bermuda 1-2 races, 2 Atlantic Cups and numerous international miles sailed, Joe has logged over 60,000 offshore ocean miles, while owning 5 boats over a span of 30 years.

Joe sailed a number of different Class 40's before settling on the Akilaria RC2 designed by Mark Lombard.  However, he had no idea when he signed the purchase contract in September 2010, with a financial incentive to commission the boat near the builder's factory in Tunisia, that the country would soon lead the Arab world into violent revolution and overthrow of the long-standing dictatorship. However, despite some nervous moments, the builder did a fantastic job of working through the turmoil and the boat was recently shipped to LaTrinite, France, for commissioning, only a few weeks beyond its originally scheduled delivery date.

Gryphon Solo 2